New Silverlight-Based STSADM Reference

Looking for a specific STSADM command? If so, you can find it here for WSS and here for MOSS. </steve>


LogParser Processes ULS Logs

If you’ve ever had to browse the ULS logs, then you know that it is not the friendliest walk in the park.  A recent blog post walks you through the configuration if you’re interested. </steve>

SharePoint Deployment Guide and Checklists

These guides were handed out a the SharePoint Conference but if you didn’t get one you can download a soft copy here. </steve>


Microsoft IFilter Pack Released

A new set of IFilters has been released.  One thing to note is that the pack includes IFilters for OneNote and ZIP. </steve>   2007 Office System Converter: Microsoft Filter Pack Contents: The filter pack includes the following IFilters: · Word, Excel, PowerPoint (.docx, .docm, .pptx, .pptm, .xlsx, .xlsm, .xlsb) · Zip (.zip) · OneNote…


SharePoint Remote BLOB API

A number of folks have asked about this capability since it was first announced.  Here is some additional information.  A good discussion of the overall capability; make sure to read the operational limits section. External Storing of Binary Large Objects (BLOBs) in Windows SharePoint Services </steve>

SharePoint Monitoring Toolkit

If you are interested in monitoring, check out the toolkit and the management packs for SharePoint. </steve>


SharePoint Debugging and Feature Implementation

If the very in-depth and detailed error messages from SharePoint are leaving you wanting for more, make sure you enable debugging so you can get the full ASP.NET error.  I continue to get questions on what changes to make so I’m including them here for future reference.  I’m surprised that there are still lots of…


SharePoint Memory Management and Issues

Excellent article.  Required reading for all SharePointies. Dealing with Memory Pressure problems in MOSS/WSS </steve>

Managing Site Collections: new STSADM command

Have you ever wanted to move a site collection from one content database to different content database?  Or if you’re not a merger you might be a splitter.  Well, neatly tucked away inside the recent security hotfix is the new STSADM command mergecontentdbs.  I used this recently with a customer that wanted to nip and…


MOSS Administration : STSADM

If you’ve never used STSADM then go check this out: Powerful Command Line Administration for SharePoint </steve>