SharePoint Workflow Resources

A good compilation of workflow-related content can be found here.  A portion of the intro is given below… … Businesses depend on business processes, and the most important business processes often depend on people. By using software to automate interactions among the people who participate in a business process, you can improve how a workflow…


Creating and Installing Workflow Activities for SPD

Three good references to get you started: HOW TO: Create a custom Windows Workflow Activity and make it available in SharePoint Designer SPD Workflow activity : Creating a document library Adding Activities to SPD </steve>


Windows Workflow Foundation Performance

If you’re planninig to utilize workflows pretty heavily then you might want to check this out. </steve>


XAML Schema for WF Workflows

This sample schema submitted here will allow you to get XML intellisense inside of Visual Studio while editing the XAML contained inside of the workflow .xoml files… </steve>


MOSS Workflow and Records Management

Streamlining Records Management Using SharePoint Server 2007 WorkflowThe Microsoft Legal and Corporate Affairs (LCA) Records Management team created an efficient inventory tracking solution that gives Microsoft employees easy access to physical records information and eliminates the need to handle inventory searches manually. Building on Microsoft® Office SharePoint® Server 2007 and Microsoft Office InfoPath® 2007, the…


Windows Workflow Activities

A very good MSDN Mag article on the activities that are available OOTB in WinWF. A Tour of Windows Workflow Activities Activities are the building blocks of workflows. You create workflow solutions by composing activities in the Visual Studio 2005 designer. Like server controls in ASP.NET and controls in Windows Forms, workflow activities are the…