Taxonomy Management and Autoclassification

There is growing interest in using metadata, not just talking about it, or wanting to see a demo, but actually implementing the capability. One of the key challenges is how do you get users to actually utilize this capability. Of course you can configure the list or library to require certain fields be populated but then as you know that doesn’t mean they will utilize the desired naming. Well, I had a good discussion with BAInsight this week and got a peek at their Longitude AutoClassifier for SharePoint 2010 and FAST Search.

BA Insight’s Longitude Auto-Classifier automatically categorizes content in two ways: 1) as content is uploaded into a SharePoint library, and 2) as content is indexed from external repositories using FAST. This classification is based on highly-customizable rule sets. As we looked at the rules, it reminded me of rules in Outlook for filtering email. It was a very simple process. Not using FAST for SharePoint you say? Well, they assured me you could use the library upload process to classify content and this does not require FAST for SharePoint.

This capability can be used in at least two ways:

1. To autoclassify content to circumvent the need for users to perform this function. This would ensure more reliable classification and ensure the process occurs.

2. To use in combination with user manual classification. This ensure that a standard taxonomy is being implemented and a users folksonomy is also occurring.

This solution provides a complete taxonomy management and automated content classification solution for the enterprise on top of the SharePoint 2010 platform. I plan to test it out after the holidays but it looks pretty sweet! So if you’re interested, check out the links below or send me an email and I”ll get you hooked up with the BAInsight folks for a demo.

15-minute video:

Data sheet:


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