SharePoint 2007 Internet Facing Sites!

Q: Why do SharePoint sites have to look like,......., well, SharePoint sites?

A: They don't!!

Your perspective will be changed by checking this out.  The UK record label Hed Kandi has launched the first public ECM MOSS internet site and you can read about it here.  This site is really cool, and yes it is deployed on beta 2 bits!

Not convinced?  Well here is another one and bilingual too!

No, I'm not done yet....there are a couple others worth mentioning from the standpoint of production sites so check them out here and here.

Yep, these are all running beta bits.  Good job.





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  1. Yep, I"m back with another public MOSS site. For loyal readers (yes both of you), you know I blogged

  2. Yep, more are popping up all the time. Part 2 and Part 1 also show other sites, which definitely were

  3. via Steve SharePoint 2007 Internet Facing Sites : Part 3 Yep, more are popping up all the time. …

  4. Hany Kamel says:

    SharePoint Internet site for Libyan Stock Market. Arabic/Englsih:

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