How to disable optimizations when debugging Reference Source

When you debug code in the .NET Framework using the newly available Reference Source functionality in VS 2008, you may notice that many variables are not available for inspection. This is because you’re debugging against retail-optimized code.  In many cases, since you can still step through, this is something that’s manageable. But what if you…


Configuring Visual Studio to Debug .NET Framework Source Code

It’s finally here – the launch of the .NET Reference Source project.  This post (hopefully!) contains everything you need to know.  Over the past few weeks, we ran a pilot of this feature and collected lots of great data that helped us work through some issues and understand where people were likely to have problems. …


Making .NET Framework Source Available to Developers

For any of you that have been following my blog, you may remember that I made a splash with a post about possible ways to release Windows Forms source code.  This generated a lot of discussion and was picked up by many of the major tech websites out there.  That was in February of 2005….