Silverlight 2 Released – Silverlight Toolkit on the Way

As you know, today we released Silverlight 2.  Scott mentioned the Silverlight Toolkit in his post as well - which is exactly what my team is working on.  We're driving hard to get the first preview release of the Silverlight Toolkit at PDC later this month.

Just to reiterate a few points that Scott called out.  We'll be doing the release under an OSI license (MS-PL) and we will again be including unit tests and a testing harness.   The harness is something that you're welcome to use in your projects, I talked about it a few weeks ago.   We're including the tests themselves so that developers will be able to have plenty of examples about how to write tests, but also it allows some level of coverage for any modifications users choose to make to the controls themselves.

Keep watching this blog for updates on the Silverlight Toolkit and how we're progressing.  In the meantime, here's a screen shot of just a few of the controls in action, with different themes applied. 


ControlsPPCT (4)

(No, we're not doing an Outlook control...that's just example content.)

Lots more to come.

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  1. Chau says:

    looks good so far.. can’t wait to use it.. Scott should have been a bit more clear about the release details… 😛 I was looking all over his blog for the download link.. 😛



  2. André van Heerwaarde says:

    Looks good. Are the controls compatible with WPF? Both WPF and silverlight lack to many controls, so it’s hard to wait.

  3. Arnoud van Bers says:

    Looks great!

    Do I see a "fieldset"/groupbox there? 😉

  4. Stefan Olson says:

    Will the Label control support accelerator keys?

    Until I did some testing the other day I had assumed that Silverlight would provide support for alt based accelerator keys.  I have now discovered that if I press a key in combination with alt, I never get a KeyDown message!

    I thought supporting accelerator keys was the purpose of label controls, maybe I was wrong!

    I couldn’t imagine producing a decent sized LOB application with no accelerator keys, it would be a nightmare to use like most web pages are.


  5. @Arnoud – groupbox is on the list but not in this control set

    @Andre – the controls are API compatible with WPF when possible, what we’re calling "subset compat" because some functionality doesn’t exist on Silverlight.  But we are being hard core about making them as close as we can.  For the new controls, we will be making them available on WPF, not sure when we’ll get that done though.

    @Stefan – I believe the problem is that the browser eats the ALT keys so the Silverlight app never gets a chance to even process them.

  6. Stefan Olson says:

    I haven’t done enough research yet to confirm if there is a way of working around the browser eating the keys.  My understanding from something I read is that in JavaScript you can actually deal with accelerator keys, but as I say, I’m not too sure.

    My next point is that as Microsoft writes the major browser I’m sure this can be fixed! 🙂


  7. Stefan Olson says:


    Once the HeaderedContentControl is in place (which I understand will be happening in this release) implementing a group box is relatively simple.  I may well implement one in my WPF Silverlight compatibility library that I am building which implements a lot of WPF functionality in Silverlight.  Once it’s all done it will be posted on my blog.


  8. Yep, HeaderedContentControl is in there – TreeView uses it.

  9. Stefan Olson says:


    Do you plan to reimplement the TabControl/TabItem in this controls library at some point?  The TabItem that ships with Silverlight is not derived from HeaderedContentControl and does have a number of problems, including the fact that data binding to the ItemsSource is not possible (or different than WPF really).

    Right now in my Silverlight version of my application I have to manually create the TabItems and their contents in code, which is a bit of a pain.


  10. Valentin Stoychev says:

    Looks very good! See you on PDC 🙂

  11. Colin Blair says:

    Are you going to put the existing controls up on Codeplex as well? Having the new controls under MS-PL is great but if we had the DataGrid under MS-PL as well that would be even better.

  12. Jorge Luis De Armas says:


    Is there any plan to develop an Outlook bar control or any other kind of navigation panel like Windows XP Explorer?

  13. @Colin – Yes, we’ll be publishing source for the other controls, including DataGrid as well (not sure if it’ll be on CodePlex, however)

    @Jorge – Outlook bar is a variation of Accordion which is on our list.  You’ll need to furnish the content inside of each pane, however.

  14. So now that Silverlight 2 is shipped, I am now wondering what the shape of the next version of Silverlight

  15. Colin Blair says:

    Any chance of a ribbon control? Like an official version of the one that Michael S. Scherotter was playing around with?

  16. xaep says:

    Is there any plan to develop an MaskedTextBox?

  17. xaep says:

    Is there any plan to develop a MaskedTextBox?

  18. Colin Blair says:

    It would be helpful to get the code for MaskedEditProvider under MS-PL. A lot of existing code for WPF masked text boxes would work in Silverlight if we had access to MaskedEditProvider.

  19. @xaep & Colin – MaskedEdit is on the list for sure, and using MaskedEditProvider is one of the ways that could be done.  At this point we haven’t dug into it but that’s certainly a potential option.

  20. Jon says:

    The new controls look great!  Hopefully you can add support for gauges, speedometers, traffic lights etc. that can be used to visualize key performance indicators (KPIs) for dashboards.

  21. We announced this awesome toolkit with the RTM of Silverlight 2 and shipped the first drop at PDC, just

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