Updated AJAX Control Toolkit release

As you know, the team has been very busy working on controls for the upcoming Silverlight 2 Beta 1 release.  Working on a new platform, with new tools, doing things that have never been done before is more than enough to keep us busy.

But we wanted to make sure we kept some focus on our AJAX Control Toolkit users.  As such, we pulled together some top-requested bug fixes as well as all the fixes we've recently gotten from our users, and have released the 20229 version of the Toolkit.  Thanks to all of our users that have been submitting patches - keep it up!

More details available from Kirti and David about what went into this release.

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  1. Shawn Burke’s Blog からです。 Updated AJAX Control Toolkit release 今回もフィックスがメインですね。 Toolkit 公式サイト より転載 Major

  2. yuduke says:

    I am relatively new at asp.net programming. I took a course and have set up a few sites, but nothing hard core. I am very interested in the Ajax Control Toolkit. Specifically, I have a client who really wants a slide show set up online and the SlideShow control looks like it will be ideal. However, from the documentation here, I just cannot figure out how to implement it. I have been working at this for several hours and am embarrassed that it is taking me so long to do such a simple thing. Is there some basic guidance — a tutorial — that I can refer to to make sure I am following all of the steps?

  3. KoenWillemse says:

    It was a nice suprise that a release was delivered as we didn’t expect it untill end of march. However, I saw that all the other issues that were scheduled for a release at the end of march are now expected at the end of may (that’s what I make up out of the planned release number).

    I wasx pretty disappointed when I noticed that. Will this planned date stay as it is or is there a change that this will also be postponed? We have some real issues with the CollapsiblePanelExtender which I posted on the issue tracker and I hope that there will be a fix in the next release. If the date would be postponed again, I would get in trouble with my deadline.

  4. @yaduke –

    If you downlaod the Ajax Control Toolkit, you’ll see the sample website in there (same thing as is hosted at http://ajax.asp.net/ajaxtoolkit).  That sample has a SlideShow page which has a working sample.  Hopefully you can take a look at that and work out what was giving you trouble.

    @ Koen

    We’re working on ways to get more issues addressed.  The team has been very focused on Silverlight 2 Beta 1 Controls for the past few months, which has decreased the amount of time that we’ve been able to spend on the Ajax Control Toolkit.  We’d definitely like to find ways to get more progress made here but for many of these issues, we’re really counting on users from the community to step up and address some of the issues they’re seeing and delivering the patches to us so that we can intergrate them into builds (such as the recent release).  The Toolkit is a fully open-source project, and we’ve got a small team here.  Getting folks to make fixes and contribute them is going to be the most effective way to get issues addressed.

    For more details, see:


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