Yes, my blog’s been quiet for a while

 But I have a good reason.  Well, a couple of good reasons, actually, but one in particular.

I should be able to talk more about it here within a week or two...

Oh, I also finally got to using Windows Live Writer for my blogging.  This thing is very cool and works with most blogging packages.  Highly recommend checking it out; SO much nicer than using the traditional web interfaces, etc.   It definitely makes it easier to blog more often.  Oh no, there goes another excuse.

Windows Live Writer Screenshot

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  1. mbuonaccorsi says:

    What!?  No Vista 64-bit support?  Completely unacceptable!  What gives?

  2. Yes, I’ve heard of this issue, and I’m not a fan of that either.  WLW is beta so hopefully they’ll address this issue, I’ll sniff around and try to see what the story is here.

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