Wrapping up 2006

Well, 2006 is pretty much in the bag at this point.  Tomorrow will be my last day here in the office for the year.  Microsoft empties out quickly this time of year as people start getting to the point where they need to take vacation or lose it at the end of the year (we…


Updated Toolkit (for AJAX RC) released on a windy day in Seattle

I write this post from a coffee shop in downtown Bellevue (not far from Microsoft).  We had a massive wind storm here last night and most of the Seattle area is without power, Microsoft included.  There are trees down everywhere.  For some reason, there’s a few blocks here in Bellevue with power.  And Internet.ns Anyway,…


Toolkit components on Microsoft.com

Oh that’s right – we’re big time now! Someone pointed out to me that one of the new microsoft.com pages is using the TextboxWatermarkExtender.  Saawwweeet! Check it out: http://www.microsoft.com/design/


Toolkit Extender for creating WPF/E components

If you haven’t already seen ScottGu’s post on WPF/E, I’d recommend checking it out.  WPF/E is a new technology that opens up incredible new possibilities for improving the richness and interactivity of the web.  Scott links to a few demos, and the WPF/E install is quick simple, and even works on a Mac! Adding a WPF/E…