Updated Toolkit bits available on CodePlex

We've refreshed the recent Toolkit release, you can download it here.  After the last release, we discovered that the ASP.NET AJAX install didn't drop the Microsoft.Web.Extensions.Design.dll on machines that didn't have VS installed.  This was causing quite a bit of pain for people, so that dependancy has been addressed - meaning the Toolkit will now work on those machines.  CodePlex also added "voting" for issues so we fixed the top couple of issues that were causing troubles for people and kicked out a new release.

Going forward, there are a bunch of new controls in the Development branch that need to get polished up.  Hopefully we can turn another release with a bunch of great new controls before the holidays!

Comments (7)

  1. Shawn Burke’s Blog からです。 Updated Toolkit bits available on CodePlex 昨日リリースされたようです。具体的な変更点はリンク先をご参照ください。(誤解を招く書き方をしそうなので)

  2. vasigus says:

    Shawn, The toolkit download link seems to be broken

  3. mhildreth says:


    The ajax site doesn’t seem to be updated yet. Can you detail what’s new in the latest release? Thanks,


  4. zoomy8 says:

    The CodePlex site appears to be down. Do you have any idea when it will be available again, or know of an alternate location for downloading the toolkit?


  5. Zoomy: Yeah, several people reported it being down I see.  It’s back up now, don’t know what the issue was.  If it happens again and persists for more than a few minutes, hit the "email" link up above.  I’ll get an email (on my phone) directly and I’ll try to get ahold of someone on the CodePlex team.  Hopefullly that was a one time deal. 🙁

    Mark: There’s just a few bug fixes really.  I’m surprised the website hasn’t been updated yet, but it’s just release notes that will change up there.  There isn’t any functionality fixes.  If you click the download link above, there’s a list of the fixed issues.

  6. bryce01 says:

    Have you heard of any problems with these updates?  I keep getting JavaScript errors when testing the demo site.

  7. Bryce:  What errors are you getting?  That’s definitely not something we’ve heard about.  What browser are you using?

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