Updated Toolkit (for AJAX Beta 2) available on CodePlex


We've released an updated version of the Toolkit on CodePlex to match ASP.NET AJAX Beta 2, which launched yesterday.

Not many changes here other than what was necessary for compat.  We fixed a few other bugs that people were running into as well (ModalPopup positioning issue, handling of behavior ID in Dynamic Populate base, etc.).

Note that Beta two fixes the "Extenders don't work in Templates" issue that was causing everyone so much pain, as well.

Comments (2)

  1. Matt Gibbs blog と Shawn Burke’s Blog からです。 ASP.NET AJAX beta 2 is released Updated Toolkit (for AJAX

  2. Now that you have finished updating to Beta 1 last week; here comes Beta 2 – get it all here . There

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