Atlas Control Toolit September Release

Wow - last week was a push to get this baby out there.  Growing pains! 

But we did it and I'm sure this is our best release yet.  Between the bug fixes, the incorporation of community feedback, and the great new features, it's really something special.

I'm looking forward to hearing some feedback on NoBot.  I know so many people that have had to turn off comments on their blogs due to spam.  With a little luck, NoBot will help minimize some of that.

Slider is just a super-useful little control.  There are so many times when you want to let users use this type of UI.  Another great thing about Slider is that it's a 3rd party contribution, from Garbin, who did a great job on it. 

Finally, Ted's Animation package is already making waves.  Beyond just adding some pre-packaged animation effects, it's unique in it's ability to let end-users very easily composite their animations together.  I've had more than a few occasions where I've gotten lost in building out animation effects.  It's really easy to get into as you keep saying "oh..what if I did this" to yourself, and the animation package makes it so easy.  Be sure to check out Ted's walkthrough to get an idea of what's possible.  It's also showing up all over the web, just a few days after release.

Run this, and, while it runs repeat to yourself.  "This is not Flash.  This is not Avalon.  This can be written in minutes."  Great work Eugenio!


Comments (2)

  1. Moshiur says:

    we did it and I’m sure this is our best release yet.  Between the bug fixes, the incorporation of community feedback, and the great new features, it’s really something special.

    This Paragraph. i Love it. And Really Hope to look forward.

    By the way, I would like to request a feature for spin control. It should contain some properties like SEED value, Min value and Max value.

  2. eecsaky says:

    Thanks you Shawn!!! I find this post accidentally when I’m searching in google. Soon we’ll can see the final version.

    That’s hallucinating


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