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Ugh - I sit down almost every day and say "oh that's cool, I need to blog on that".  Then the end of the day comes it doesn't get done.  The next day comes...rinse and repeat.

The worst part about it is that there is so much cool stuff to blog about!  By now I'm sure most of you have seen ScottGu's blog post about Atlas naming, etc, and how that will affect the Toolkit's naming.

But beyond that, we're readying new Toolkit release with just a ton of great stuff in it, much of which deserves its very own post, some which I'll get to, I promise.

Why is this release going to be great?

  • Three new controls - NoBot, Slider, and UpdatePanelAnimation

  • Integrated profile support - see my previous blog post

  • Customizable animation framework - this really needs its own post because it's so freakin' cool.  It's amazingly flexible.

  • About 75 bug fixes

So that's a pretty good list.  We're getting some great new contributions as well and looking forward to getting more out in future releases.

Also, CodePlex has just been a huge success.  That we can execute on this with their support is key to this entire effort. The integration with Visual Studio is just great.  We're looking at ways of leveraging it even more effectively as our needs grow.  


Comments (6)

  1. bennage says:

    I’m curious to know how much you are influenced by other toolkits/frameworks?  I’ve spent some time examining Dojo and I’m pretty impressed with their set of widgets.  I would like to see some of the same things in Atlas.

  2. We’ve looked at them but have been kind of organically driven rather than really focusing (so far) on the other frameworks.  Are there specific features that you’re wanting in the Toolkit?

  3. AndyRsc says:

    I’d agree with bennage, that Dojo has a few cool widgets that the Toolkit would benefit from. Specifically, the InlineEditBox (literal control converting into input, save, cancel), TabContainer (client side wizard/multiview) and Editor (inline editing of div). I suppose the first two could be done with an UpdatePanel. But the Editor would be great. I’m not suggesting a full DHTML editor, but one that is lightweight and inline (expands to div contents, not a fixed height frame, with only block style, b, i, ul, li, anchor in the toolbar).

  4. Shawn Burke’s Blog からです。 Blog neglect 投稿の中で、今回の Control Toolkit のリリースが素晴らしいと言う事を書いていますが、しっかりと理由があります。

  5. Kevin Dente says:

    Didn’t NikhilK write an InPlaceEdit control long ago for Atlas? Any thoughts of incorporating that in the toolkit?

  6. Yes he did.  It had some issues though.  It was actually in the original set of controls but the complexities made us drop it from the original list.  It never made it back in, for a set of issues.  Its probably worth taking another look at, thanks for the prod!

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