Toolkit update

We've been working on getting another Toolkit release done.  Unfortuantely, we discovered an issue in the June CTP of Atlas that caused some problems. 

You could ask "why didn't you catch this before the June CTP went out?"  To which I would reply "that's a very good question."

There's actually two answers (and two issues): one we didn't catch because we were missing a test case, but the other is more interesting.

One of the things that is nice to do is to be able to bind to properties values.  In a repeater, it would be nice to say:


   <myExtenderProperties TargetControlID="Label1" Value="<%# Eval("ID") %>"/>


But unfortunately that dosen't work because you can only databind to Controls....usually.  So we tested the June CTP bits with our current builds and everything was fine.  Making the databinding work required some changes to Microsoft.AtlasControlExtender.dll, so we made that change.

When we rebuilt that against the new Atlas, poof, we had a problem that we couldn't work around.  See, Atlas added an override to a method, but our old code was still bound against the base definition.  When we recompiled, we started calling the override instead, and got the behavior change.

So, anyway, the Atlas team is currently working on a new CTP that should be ready shortly.  As soon as we get those bits, we'll crank out another release, update the website, etc.

But man oh man are there some cool things coming down the pipe in the Toolkit.  If you go back to our last full release (60504), we've added eight new components, and have some more stuff almost ready.  But what's even cooler is that this will be our first release with non-Microsoft contributor components included!

I know I can't make too big of a splash here - from the forums it's clear that folks are already just picking stuff up directly from CodePlex and partying on it, even when it's just in our prototype tree!  Early feedback is good but we've seen forum posts within an hour of a checkin.  Wow!


Comments (2)

  1. bayam says:

    Guys, you’re killing us, we need a working release of the toolkit!  😉

  2. Dennes says:


    Neste link voc&#234; pode observar a explica&#231;&#227;o para um bug que foi encontrado no Atlas CTP de Junho,…

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