Adding Toolkit Components to your Toolbox

This post should be under the category "you learn something new every day".  First, some background.  In my earlier years here at MS as a developer, one of the things I wrote was the VS Toolbox support for managed components.  You know that gnarly "Choose Items..." dialog?  Yeah, I did the ".NET Components" tab of that thing, all the code that surfs the assembly looking for components, as well as the code the manages the items that are on the toolbox and does the funky auto-populate stuff when you build projects. 

So I was surprised to learn that there's a very easy way to add your Toolkit items to the toolbox.  I'm still fairly mistified that it works.  But I digress.

1) Create a tab on your toolbox by right-click then "Add Tab", and name it something creative like, say, "Atlas Control Tooklit"

2) Open the location where you installed the toolkit, and navigate to the "SampleWebsite\Bin" directory. 

3) Drag "AtlasControlToolkit.dll" onto the new tab you created.

Like magic, all the Toolkit components will be added to the toolbox!

Comments (6)

  1. wenz says:

    Incredible. It really works. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Chris Love says:

    This will for any DLL with controls in it, like the RSS Tool Kit, which is awsome BTW!

  3. rstrahl says:

    Sean, this is not working for me, and I know this has never worked for me. In fact, this has been a frequent request from me… <g>

    Where are you dragging from? Solution Explorer or Explorer? If I drag from SE I get a text snippet link, if I drag from Explorer nothing happens – the drop seems to be ignored completely.

  4. AndyB90 says:

    Seems to work fine for me.  Drag the file AtlasToolKit.dll from WindowsExplorer to the Tab in the toolbox.

  5. rstrahl says:

    Odd… certainly doesn’t work for me. I wonder if there’s something else installed that might have provided that like the Orcas Visual Studio stuff…

  6. Hmmm – not sure why it wouldn’t work from Explorer.  I’m actually not running Orcas bits so I can’t say if it’s working there or not.

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