The next step for the Toolkit: Community Contributions

Well sometimes you need a little nudge, and we got just that via Scott's blog post earlier this week, kind of unexpectedly. 

So, uh, yeah, as some of you may have noticed, our content and code is now live on CodePlex in the Atlas Toolkit Project.  The Team and I have been getting used to the ins-and-outs of CodePlex and figuring out what our developement process is going to look like using it.  We've moved most of our code off of our internal source control servers up to CodePlex and have been doing our changes there.  The last major piece has been cleaning up our test infrastructure and moving that up as well.  That's kept us pretty busy but it's almost ready.

If you're not familiar with CodePlex, you can read all about it on Korby's blog, but I like to call it "TFS-in-the-sky".  You create a project on the website, type in some credentials into your Visual Studio 2005 configuration and - poof! - you've got integrated source control and issue tracking.  It's pretty darn cool really. So far so good. CodePlex is still in beta and they're scaling up slowly so they're not taking external projects quite yet. 

I heard about CodePlex when I was just starting my team, and this was exactly what we needed to push the "transparency envelope" and getting our stuff up on CodePlex wasn't anything that some emails, bribes, and good-old-fashioned whining couldn't accomplish (Okay - I'm kidding, they were really excited about having us on board and have been a pleasure to work with). 

I'm currently evaluting some potential contributors.  Right now I'd like to keep the number of contributors fairly small (10-or-so) so I can see how the process scales and make sure it all works smoothly.  Based on that we'll grow the list of direct (people with checkin rights) and indirect (people that can submit code through others) contributors.

So that's where we're at - I'm super-mega-excited about this and the great things that are going to come of it.  The Toolkit project has been a heckuvalotta fun so far and I'm betting that's just getting started.  Feel free to ask questions if you've got 'em.

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  1. JRumerman says:


    This is a really good step for the toolkit and I’m happy that Microsoft is encouraging this type of shared-source approach. Way to push the "transparency envelope!"

    – Joel

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