"Atlas" Control Toolkit Refresh Released

We finally managed to get this refresh done.  Check out the samples and release notes at http://atlas.asp.net/atlastoolkit.

Or just click here to get the bits.

Lots of bug fixes, 4 new controls.  Not too many breaking changes.  Enjoy!

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  1. Comme l’annonce Shawn Burke sur son blog : "Atlas" Control Toolkit Refresh Released 

  2. ramonduraes says:


    Tks this release solve my bug on insert GridView!! Popup.

    I have one question. This possible insert one or more atlasToolkit:PopupControlExtender one page?

  3. ramonduraes: Good!  Sure, you should be able to insert as many as you want.  It’s easier to just add multiple TargetProperties instances to one Extender however.  Check out the PopupExtender sample page for an example of this.

  4. Casual Jim says:


    You just made my weekend good.  3 of the controls i wanted to look at building this weekend.

    More time for other fun now 🙂

  5. ramonduraes says:


    I’m insert new [TextBox,Panel e PopupExtender] e don’t work. Remove all and add

    01 PopupExtender

    03 PopupControlProperties



  6. ramonduraes says:

    All Samples display VS2005:

    Error Creating Control

    Type ‘System.Web.UI.UserControl’ does not have a public property named  ‘Title’

  7. ramonduraes says:


    I have new question, I add GridView modal, add columns <Select> update textbox. Don’t work fine.


    Ramon Durães

  8. Ramon – sorry you’re having problems.  Please post your questions at



  9. DarenTx says:

    I’ve been waiting for the Modal Popup control.  I love this control.

    We have always referred to this javascript technique as a "lightbox" because the first site we saw doing something like this called it that.  

    It rocks and solves many problems.  Thank you for this.

    Now I am just waiting for a Google Suggest control.  I’m sure you won’t be calling it that though.

  10. Well if we did that, it probably would spend most of it’s time suggesting MSN Search instead, wouldn’t it? 🙂

  11. brianscottaspnet says:

    Love it.  Been using the new build all of today (Sunday) and everything has worked well.

    Is there a way I can programmatically close a collapsible panel?  (I’m using the latest CollapsiblePanelExtender)

  12. yes – set an ID to your extender

    <atlasToolkit:CollapsiblePanelProperties … ID="collapseBehavior"/>

    then you can get to it in JS code:

    var behavior = $object("collapseBehavior");

    if (behavior) {




  13. カテゴライズが良く解っていないので、今の段階ではカテゴライズされていません。 Atlas の RSS を取っている方にはかなり申し訳ないのですが、続けていきたいと思います。

    以下の二つの blog はどちらも…

  14. 以下の二つの blog はどちらも &quot;Atlas&quot; Control Toolkit に関してです。

    &quot;Atlas&quot; Control Toolkit Refresh Released

    Atlas Control…

  15. 以下の二つの blog はどちらも &quot;Atlas&quot; Control Toolkit に関してです。 &quot;Atlas&quot; Control Toolkit Refresh Released Atlas Control

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