Watching the keynote at MIX06

Sitting with Jordon and David from Code Project down here in Vegas watching the keynote at Mix 06 - mostly from BillG but some really cool stuff from the guys and the BBC, plus a cameo appearence by Tim O'Reilly doing a kind of an interview thing with Bill which is cool. 

I'm looking around though and noticing what a different crowd this is from the TechEd/PDCs that I'm used to.  A bit more varied, a bit better dressed maybe, but I'm impressed with the number of people that are down here.

A few months ago, when ScottGu told me about this show, he said "yeah, we're doing this show in Vegas but, man, the registration numbers aren't what we're hoping for."  He was worried that it was going to be a bust.  Well, no problem there - this place is packed!

And it turns out the Venitian is a pretty nice conference venue (imagine that).  It'll be interesting to see how things roll here.

Oh! The new Atlas site is up, and it looks great. 


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