New blog for work stuff

I decided to bite the bullet and separate my personal blog from my work stuff.  No, I didn't get in trouble or anything, I just decided it would be nice to have some more latitude about the stuff I feel comfortable blogging about and not worry so much about work concerns, and be able to have a more focused spot over here at MSDN.

For those of you that don't know me, I was on the .NET Client Team from 1999 until the end of last year.  If you do any Windows Forms work (especially involving the designer), you may have run across my MSDN articles or PDC/TechEd talks at some point.

After Whidbey shipped, I decided to turn over a new leave in my job role, and I wrote about it today.  Rather than repost the full entry on this blog (it's kind of long), check it out here.

For Microsoft related stuff, this will be the place from now on.  Welcome!


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