It’s down to the "Bare Metal"

Ok. We're looking for a little help here. Let's imagine for a moment that the hard drives on your computer come down with a bad case of digital amnesia some night, and when you sit down at the keyboard the next morning, your monitor just looks back at you with a deep black vacant stare. What are you going to do? Well, to start with, you'll probably make sure it's still plugged in. Right? Good thinking! But what if it's worse than that? Say... much worse? What if the amnesia is digitally terminal?

There can be no doubt that you're feeling pretty bad right about now. Well, here is some great news. Because you care so much about your system, you DO have a recent full backup available. So thank your lucky stars, you can restore the computer to it's good old reliable self in a jiffy.

Now, here's where the help comes in. Some of us techno-savvy types call that kind of recovery process a "Bare Metal Restore." But we know that most of our customers don't call it that. What do YOU call it?  Better yet, what would your spouse's brother or sister call it? Are you getting me here? Is it a "Complete PC Re-do?" or a "Reload the Computer" process?

 We have a couple of ideas we like better than "Bare Metal Restore," but we think you probably have better ones.

Please send your suggestions to Operators are standing by.   

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