Calling all SBS Migration Gurus!

Have an opinion on the SBS migration process or content? We know many of you do – and we need your help. We’re looking for a few courageous people in the community to help us improve our SBS migration content. Specifically, we’d like to establish a virtual content review board. We’ll solicit ideas and suggestions…


Wanna map drives while logged on through SBS 2008 Remote Web Workplace?

A common problem that RWW users encounter is that they cannot create drive mappings while they are logged on remotely. The reason for this is that the default setting of Remote Web Workplace on Windows SBS 2008 does not allow this. However, it is easy to update the server to permit this. Our thanks to community member…


Happy (Belated) Anniversary to our Blog!

Can you believe it? The milestone slipped by quietly, but November 15th marked the 5th anniversary of the Windows SBS and EBS Documentation blog. Incredible. True, it may not be the most cutting edge of blogosphere rags, and it is not the most active, but we sincerely hope that you find our occasional bits and…


The Windows SBS 2008 Migration Guides are updated!

Thanks to the feedback that we have received from partners and customers, we’ve made many updates to the Migration Guides over the past few months. Each week, we have pushed a few more “enhancements” out to the Windows SBS Technical Library, but we wanted to compile a large number of updates before we published updated versions of the downloadable guides….


Migrating from Windows Small Business Server 2003 to Windows Essential Business Server

The migration process can be complicated and depending on your circumstances, it can be frustrating. To help alleviate this frustration, we updated Migrating from Windows Small Business Server 2003 to Windows Essential Business Server. The following sections have been updated or added: Prepare the Windows SBS Environment Install Windows EBS Migrate Settings and Data (shared folders…


How to restore the full system to a computer on a Windows Home Server network

If you use Windows Home Server, you may find this of interest. We have just published an article that provides step-by-step instructions about how to use an existing backup to restore the full system to a computer that is joined to a Windows Home Server network. The article was written by Microsoft Support Specialist Edwin…


It’s down to the "Bare Metal"

Ok. We’re looking for a little help here. Let’s imagine for a moment that the hard drives on your computer come down with a bad case of digital amnesia some night, and when you sit down at the keyboard the next morning, your monitor just looks back at you with a deep black vacant stare. What are…


Great way to automatically back up your SBS client computers

Have you ever wished you had an easy way to automatically back up all the client computers on your SBS network? Well, you can use Windows Home Server to do just that. Take a look at our new article that tells you how to do it: Enjoy! This posting is provided “AS IS” with…


Hey you big business IT PRO’s out there. Think SMALL!

Windows Small Business Server – that is! Are you accustomed to deploying and managing servers in the enterprise space? Do you want to broaden your horizons and tackle the computer networking needs for small businesses and organizations at the heart of the national infrastructure? Then Windows Small Business Server 2008 is just what you are…


Free Health Check: New Microsoft IT Environment Health Scanner

Does your network need a checkup? The team that develops Windows Essential Business Server (Windows EBS) just released a new tool that administrators of small and mid-size networks are sure to want to download: the Microsoft IT Environment Health Scanner. In just a few minutes, the tool runs more than 100 checks to help you assess…