The Case of the Missing TOC!

Maybe not a best-seller, but I thought this was interesting enough to share. I had this horrible affliction. I was rummaging around in the Windows SBS Technical Library, and all of a sudden, the Table of Contents disappeared! What happened? What did I do? Did I break something? I search frantically on the Web site…


SCE Season for EBS

Windows Essential Business Server (EBS) just launched (woo hoo!), the winter gloom has settled here in Redmond, and our thoughts turn to … SCE! No, not skiing, although that will come soon enough. We mean Microsoft System Center Essentials 2007, one of the key server technologies that make up the Windows EBS server suite. SCE…


SBS Welcomes EBS to the Documentation Blog!

We’re using an eye-catching (popping?) theme to help you take note of a big change to our blog. We are very pleased to announce that from this day forward, the Windows SBS documentation team will share this space with our younger (but no less striking) sibling – the Windows Essential Business Server documentation team! TA DAHHHHHH!  Welcome EBS!  Oh…


Eriq Neale: An MVB – (most valuable blogger)

Hey, here is an interesting tidbit. invited Eriq Neale, one of our SBS MVPs, to blog about Windows SBS 2008. We’re looking forward to reading his posts! Eriq will also be contributing an article to our Windows SBS 2008 Technical Library in the near future. His article will discuss setting up ISA 2006 with Windows…


Hyper-V: A virtually exciting possibility with Windows SBS 2008

Virtual servers. It’s all the buzz. Have you been listening? Virtualization technology has been around a while, but with the release of Windows Server 2008 Hyper-V, it is much easier to virtualize a Windows Server 2008 network. And since Windows SBS 2008 supports the Hyper-V technology, you might want to consider if a Hyper-V virtualized…


Is your self-signed certificate about to expire?

Ok. This isn’t exactly hot off the press, but many of you know that the self-signed certificate that SBS 2003 creates during installation expires 5 years after it is issued. So….. (and I’m relying on some shaky calendar math here), if you installed SBS within minutes, hours, or days of release back in ’03, those self-signed…


Introducing the Windows SBS 2008 Technical Library!

As we prepare to release the final version of Windows SBS 2008 to manufacturing, we wanted to take the opportunity to introduce you to the Windows SBS 2008 Technical Library. We first published the library several weeks ago, but we continue to extend the breadth of information that is available. Currently the library includes the full Product Help that is included on…


New Documentation: Windows Essential Business Server Technical Library

We’re proud to announce the Windows Essential Business Server Technical Library! This is our first public documentation for Windows Essential Business Server (WEBS), Microsoft’s server solution for midsize businesses, which is scheduled to become available in the second half of 2008. (SBS 2008 and WEBS 2008 are siblings in the Windows Essential Server Solutions family…


New Documentation: “Adding a Server Running Windows Server 2008 to a Windows Small Business Server 2003 Network”

If you have been waiting for the release of Windows Server 2008 to add or update a member server, check out this helpful information.   Windows SBS 2003 allows you to add computers running Windows Server 2008 to your network; however, you cannot use the wizards in Windows SBS or the http://ServerName/connectcomputer Web site to…


Search function not working for SBS Technical Library

It has come to our attention that the search functionality on the SBS Technical Library Web site is not working. We are investigating the problem and will provide an update as soon as we know more. We apologize for the inconvenience.  This posting is provided “AS IS” with no warranties, and confers no rights.