A kind of hush…

...has fallen on the SBS Documentation Team blog of late. Can it be that everything that can be written about Windows Small Business Server has been written? Is it possible that Windows SBS has become so easy to use that Microsoft decided that a writing team was no longer necessary to support it? Well, as for the latter - we strive to reach that point. As to the former, we continually become aware of untapped opportunities to improve your experience through new and enhanced documentation. So why the gap in postings? To put it quite simply, we've just been so darned busy that we have neglected to check in with you all. Rest assured though, that we are hard at work. We are totally heads down now working on the next Beta release of SBS. This includes writing friendly and intuitive text for the user interface as well as creating a good deal of solutions-oriented "Help" content. Additionally, in the coming days we will publish the long awaited "Migrating Windows Small Business Server 2003 to New Hardware" paper to the Windows SBS Technical Library. Look for updates to some other papers as well. In the meantime, why not check out our new sibling, Windows Home Server, set to release in the autumn.

And you thought we were just about small business! 

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