Documentation Update: Migrating from SBS 2000 or Windows 2000 Server to Windows SBS 2003

Ok. Somehow I missed this one. Better late then never! đź™‚   The document, “Migrating from Small Business Server 2000 or Windows 2000 Server to Windows Small Business Server 2003” has been updated in response to customer feedback. The latest version of this document as well as other helpful information can be downloaded from the Windows SBS Product Documentation Web site….


How to Install and Configure Small Business Accounting 2006 on Windows SBS 2003

Microsoft® Office Small Business Accounting 2006 is a comprehensive financial management program that helps small business owners and office managers handle the financial needs of their business using software that has the look and feel of Microsoft Office and offers great integration with other Microsoft Office programs. It can be installed on a standalone computer, or…


I want to use Root Hints instead of DNS forwarders

Last month when the SBS MVPs were on campus for the MVP Summit, Susan Bradley mentioned how the ability to configure DNS in CEICW (Configure E-mail and Internet Connection Wizard) to use root hints instead of DNS forwarders is kind of hidden in the wizard. Well, she’s right (of course!). It’s covered in the Help…