Welcome to a new Web log dedicated to users of Windows Small Business Server (SBS), and to those who install and manage small business networks. I'm your host, Steve Holland, and I represent the SBS Documentation Team in Redmond, Washington.

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The purpose of this BLOG is to expand our outreach to the SBS Community. To do this, we will use the BLOG to:

  • Pass along news about documentation projects in work.
  • Direct you to new information and important resources.
  • Listen to your feedback.

We look forward to hearing from you, and working with you to deliver thorough and helpful information about SBS. Add this BLOG to your list of favorites, and stop in often!

Ground rules for this blog

Ok, you know there have to be a few of these. They are short and sweet, but important. I'll bubble them up from time to time so they don't get too buried.

  1. Please do not post or reply to posts with abusive or objectionable language. It is the sole discretion of the hosts to determine what falls into those categories, and such posts will be removed without notice.
  2. Some of the content referenced within this blog is protected by copyrights and trademarks. Accordingly, please to not reproduce or distribute any of the content on this site, or any other referenced site without the written permission of the associated owner or author.
  3. This blog offers information and solicits feedback regarding documentation about Windows Small Business Server that is planned or published by Microsoft Corporation. If you have questions pertaining to product support, please visit the Windows Small Business Server Community or the Windows Small Business Server 2003 Solutions Center.
  4. We want your feedback!  Please reply to our posts with information such as:

    • Is our content complete?
    • Are procedures accurate?
    • Is our documentation clear and easy to read?
    • Does our content apply to your business? 

  5. If you want to send us a content request or other type of communication that is unrelated to a current posting, please contact us

Comments (4)

  1. Wayne Small says:

    Way to go guys – thanks for getting this up and running – it will help a lot to improve documentation if people do indeed give you feedback direct!

  2. Ig88 says:

    Hi Steve,

    Its great to see more resources to turn to for SBS. I’m still rather new to SBS myself and LOVE this package! I currently have it installed at a small hydro office and currently working on implementing it for a bookkeeping company for the new year! Its exciting to see such powerful and affordable packages for the SMB market that truely offer solid solutions that have been desperately needed! More people need to be educated on Microsofts SBS line!

  3. Bill Vogel says:

    Welcome Aboard! Great to have another SBS resource. Documentation is crucial especially for the often small 1 person IT dept’s in the Small Business realm.

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