KiteBuddy: Windows Phone 8.1 app for checking out kite surfing spots

Recently, I have been working quite a lot with the new APIs in Windows Phone 8.1 (Developer Preview). Honestly, I am pretty amazed about all the new capabilities in WP 8.1 and how everything is just so much closer to the Windows Store App APIs.

To test out some of the features, I decided to go ahead and develop an app from scratch. I just started kite surfing and thought I would make an app to help kite surfers check out good surf spots and current weather conditions.

So let me introduce you to KiteBuddy! It’s a WP 8.1 app for kite surfers and I just released it to the Store.

“KiteBuddy is every kite surfer's best friend. Check out the best kite spots in your proximity filtered by weather conditions and distance from your current location. You can also explore the many kite spots that KiteBuddy knows about and save these your own personal favorites list.”

Check it out here:

I will use KiteBuddy as a hobby project to get to work a little more with new APIs and to apply the new capabilities. Next thing on my list to play with is the new ways of integrating with Cortana by defining Voice Commands. I think that’s going to be interesting! 🙂


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