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Project Server 2016 Upgrade Overview steps

Overview of the Project Sever 2016 Upgrade


    1. Create the SharePoint Server 2016 farm installation and enable Project Server 2016. Project Server 2016 installs with SharePoint Server 2016 and the Project Server service application needs to be started.(
    2. Copy and move your databases from your Project Server 2013 database server to the database server that hosts your Project Server 2016 installation. These databases are:
      • Project Server 2013 databases
      • SharePoint 2013 content database that contains your project site collections
    3. Use the Mount-SPContentDatabase PowerShell cmdlet to attach and upgrade the SharePoint 2013 content database containing your Project site data to the Project Server 2016.


    4. Test Content Database
      Test-SPContentDatabase -Name <database name> -WebApplication <Web application name>


    5. Attach and upgrade Project Server 2013 Database
      Migrate-SPProjectDatabase -DatabaseName <database name> -SiteCollection <PWA site URL>


    6. Upgrade your resource plans to resource engagements
      Migrate-SPProjectResourcePlans -URL <PWA site URL>



    Please wait for more deep details and issues about Project Server 2016 Upgrade Process