Microsoft SQL Server 2008 – Learning Portal Launched

The Microsoft SQL Server 2008 – Learning Portal has been released to external customers now and is available at Join there and discover the SQL 2008 Advantage with free e-learning clinics and trainings.


The story of United Federation of Software and Services

This is an enticing story of evolution of software architecture to today’s SaaS model …. published in Microsoft Architecture Journal……..Gianpaolo Carraro tells the story in an unique fashion which I loved and hopefully you will too….follow the link


Phishing – a social malice by e-Zombies

Phishing has become a big concern – and it has started to hit Indians in large numbers. With the following two reports from ET – and , its very clear that Phishing is on big time in India. The targets are innocent, non tech-savvy elders who would seldom understand that and…


Microsoft India – the Best Company to work for in India

Can’t resist making a non-technical post at this cool news! The business today-Mercer-TNS survey is out, and it has ranked us as the Best Company to work for in India – and all can be read here –  It’s a hell lot of fun…..Changing the world!!!


Howto: undo another users check-out as a TFS admin

Although its a task you seldom would want to do, it might become a necessity when someone leaves the team on hurry/short notice. The way out is aptly described by Matthew at , and I just thought I would mirror the command to give it more live search-ability 🙂 tf undo /workspace:OtherUserWorkspaceName;OtherUserName  $/Project/…./FileName.cs /s:http://yourtfsserver:8080…


"Ad hoc updates to system catalogs are not enabled" in SQL Server

I got this error while trying to add records to sysmessages table in master db.Ad hoc updates to system catalogs are not enabled. The system administrator must reconfigure SQL Server to allow this.The fix is, login with Admin privileges and performt theseSP_CONFIGURE ‘ALLOW UPDATES’, 1GORECONFIGURE WITH OVERRIDEGOinsert into master.dbo.sysmessagesvalues (………….)GOSP_CONFIGURE ‘ALLOW UPDATES’, 0GORECONFIGURE WITH OVERRIDEGO A…


ASP.NET Ajax : Javascript Problems with Migrated Legacy Projects – try the xhtmlConformance Spell!

If you have migrated an old project from ASP.NET 1.1 to 2.0 and subsequently changed the Web.config according to , but still not getting Ajax to work and JavaScript errors keep popping up,  xhtmlConformance might just be the missing piece in the jigsaw!! Try looking for the following setting –  <configuration>    …..    <system.web>            …


Some good articles on Master Data Management

The key news is definitely this – Microsoft buys into master data management These MDM articles are really good and covering all perspectives –   Gartner and Forrester frameworks designed to combat confusion around MDM technology options Forrester is saying “buyer beware” when it comes to MDM technology investments seven master data management best practices…