Selectively using JPEG for Screenshots on a Blog

PNG is always the right answer, except not always. There are some cases where JPEG is going to be a better experience for your users. Learn what those case are and how JPEG can be useful.  


Resizing Multiple Shapes in Visio (Screencast)

Need to get consistent widths or heights for shapes? You don’t need to do this manually or use macros. There’s a simple solution in Visio 2007 and Visio 2010 – Use the Size and Position Window to make precise changes to many shapes at once.


PROTEIGON and Refactoring

If there were a visual way to describe what refactoring code feels like when I use Resharper this video does it. It captures that ephemeral sense of effortlessly being able to transform and slice and move code in a way I don’t believe is possible through words also. Also, it’s just a cool video.…


The Coolness that is Plastic SCM

I’ve been using Plastic SCM 3.0 for most of the last year and despite someone from the Plastic SCM team personally giving me demo (thank you!) I never got to the task of writing up what I thought about it. With the release of Plastic SCM 4.0 it is a good time to share some…


Drawing a Color Hue Wheel with C#

Need to render one of these or just want to learn how?   You are in luck. Got some code for you at the link below. It’s a simple educational sample that has plenty of room for optimization. Also, I think I may start using it as a coding question for interviews.  


Visio – Controlling Character Spacing (Screencast)

Learn how to get fine-grained control over your shape text by controlling character spacing.  


Enable a Brilliant Future for Python. Donate to PyPy

Many of you know I am a fan of Python (and IronPython) and maybe a few of you know how impressed I’ve been with the PyPy project. PyPy is an important development in the Python community and I want to see it continue and succeed. To that end I have personally donated $50 to general…