Updated Microsoft Automatic Graph Layout (MSAGL) packages available on NuGet

Today's we've made more packages available from MSAGL and we've renamed the packages to be consistent with the libraries they contain.

  • Microsoft.Msagl - NuGet package This .NET assembly contains the core layout functionality. Use this library if you just want MSAGL to perform the layout only and afterwards you will use a separate tool to perform the rendering and visualization.
  • Microsoft.Msagl.Drawing - NuGet package The definitions of different drawing attributes like colors, line styles, etc. It also contains definitions of a node class, an edge class, and a graph class. By using these classes a user can create a graph object and use it later for layout, and rendering.
  • Microsoft.Msagl.GraphViewerGDIGraph - NuGet package The viewer control lets you visualize graphs and has and some other rendering functionality. Key features: (1) Pan and Zoom (2) Navigate Forward and Backward (3) tool-tips and highlighting on graph entities (4) Search for and focus on graph entities.

Have fun drawing graphs!

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