U-SQL Job Graph Playback from SQL PASS 2015

I had the opportunity to demonstrate one of the coolest features at SQL PASS 2015 this afternoon. U-SQL Job “Playback”  You can watch the video here: The video doesn’t have any audio so let me explain a bit what’s going on. I ran a simple U-SQL script that read a small amount of data -…


Introducing Azure Data Lake

We are exceptionally proud today to reveal Azure Data Lake. Azure Data Lake is built in the same code that runs our internal exabyte-scale data lake at Microsoft. We believe that cloud-based data lakes are a critical enabler for bringing “data culture” to everyone. Here are a few links to get you started exploring what Azure…


Microsoft Automatic Graph Layout (MSAGL) is now on GitHub

MSAGL is just an amazing piece of work. I’ve been using MSAGL for years in various projects – for example as part of my VisioAutomation work. And now MSAGL is available to everyone on GitHub! https://github.com/Microsoft/automatic-graph-layout Start cloning!