U-SQL Job Graph Playback from SQL PASS 2015

I had the opportunity to demonstrate one of the coolest features at SQL PASS 2015 this afternoon. U-SQL Job “Playback”  You can watch the video here: The video doesn’t have any audio so let me explain a bit what’s going on. I ran a simple U-SQL script that read a small amount of data -…


The Azure Data Lake announcement

I’ve been quiet on this blog for a while – and now you know why. I’ve been spending the past few years working on something very special “Azure Data Lake” Today’s announcement is the first step in a journey to help bring a “data culture” to everyone.   Azure Data Lake https://azure.microsoft.com/en-us/solutions/data-lake/   Announcement on the…


Microsoft Automatic Graph Layout (MSAGL) is now on GitHub

MSAGL is just an amazing piece of work. I’ve been using MSAGL for years in various projects – for example as part of my VisioAutomation work. And now MSAGL is available to everyone on GitHub! https://github.com/Microsoft/automatic-graph-layout Start cloning!