Age of Empires: Return to the Past

The original Age of Empires series stole years of my life – no complaints from me. And since that time its appeal to me was only surpassed by the HomeWorld.

So today we see the release of Age of Empires Online. The review on ArsTechnica covers the salient points.



Coincidentally I recently tried returning back to the original AOE games – I actually bought these on CD via Amazon – and unfortunately getting them to run on Windows 7 was a bit disappointing because its hard to take advantage of the larger display sizes available. (I want to run it at 2560×1600 on a 30” monitor – but it insists on running in the much more limited original resolutions).

What I discovered in my search for the original experience is that there are others who seek the same. And if Wildfire games is successful we may have an MODERN AOE-like experience via their game calls 0.A.D.


Clearly the game graphics are more like the original AOE that the more cartoonish style of Age of Empires Online.


As a parting thought, here’s some nostalgia for you. Listen to the Age of Empires 2 soundtrack on YouTube.

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