VisioAutomation 3.9.0 Released

For the 2 of you who use this library, a quick note on the new version

The codeplex project is here:

What’s Interesting

  • Substantial revision across the entire API.
  • Getting and setting shapesheet data is been *much* improved with a higher level API that models "Queries" and "Updates" to the shapesheet
  • Common ShapreSheet scenarios are optimized – for example getting / setting all the shapehsheet cells that deal with formatting
  • Completely removed the dependency on the external "Isotope" library – this means all the code in the project is focused on Visio
  • VisioAutomation.VDX – now handles complex Masters correctly thanks to the great help of Scott Howell
  • Moved Source control from TFS to mercurial. This simplifies my own work and I hope it makes it easier for others to contribute
  • Many additions, improvements, and simplifications to the Unit tests
  • The 3.X branch is in maintenance mode. the 4.X branch will move exclusively to Visio 2010
  • Couple of minor enhancements to the Visio Power Tools add-in
  • Merged many of the VisioAutomation assemblies – VisioAutomation.Scripting and VisioAutomation.VDX are still separate
  • VisioIPy is gone. In truth this was wrapper around VisioAutomation.Scripting that ultimately wasn’t adding much value. as you can always simply load VisioAutomation.Scripting via the IronPython shell. See the launchinteractive.cmd script see how this is done.


Future Thoughts

  • Am thinking of hooking up VisioAutomation.VDX with Azure to generate simple Visio diagrams from the cloud!
  • Exploring more simple one-off tools or cmdlets to handle common visualizations I often to design in my presentations and infographics
  • VisioPowerTool2 – a ribbon-based tool for Visio2010

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