The Keynote SSRS report from the AX Technical Conference


At the Dynamics AX Technical Conference 2011 we wanted to demonstrate some of the power that SSRS gives AX – in other words show we wanted to give a concrete example of the benefits of SSRS over the legacy MorphX reports. About a week before the conference several people started working on this little project in earnest and the result was demonstrated by one of the AX program managers during the Keynote presentation. We had great feedback on the report – so much so that the team will further refine the report and include it in the product at RTM.

Below you can see a version of the report that the team developed. This is almost exactly what was demonstrated during the Keynote. It is a screenshot from a real AX 2012 report that fetches data from an AX Query. Although we didn't have the time to fully refine the colors and layout – I think you will agree a little style and typography go a long way in creating an attractive AND useful report.

Click on the image to see a larger version.


Note: the blue text represents working hyperlinks. In the "Details By Bucket" section, clicking on the hyperlink opens a form for that specific customer.

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