Help Suggest Topics for an Introduction to AX ++ Programming Screencast Series

Based on the enthusiastic responses to my previous post ( Is there an interest in basic AX X++ programming Screencasts? ), we are going to kick off a series of small screencasts.

  • We’ll keep the screencasts short 5-15 minutes each. Based on viewer comments, that format is working well for the AX SSRS Screencasts
  • The focus will be on getting an intermediate .NET Developer productive as a developer on AX 2009. This is not an “introduction to programming” series.
  • Those familiar with C# will have a easier time with the videos.
  • Database knowledge is helpful but not required
  • We will not cover specific modules in AX – we will stick to relative simple and common developer activities
  • We *will* spend time getting developers familiar with the AX programming environment (the AOT,  EDTs, etc.) much of this will be quite new to a .NET developer.

Having written all that, on behalf of my team I have one huge favor to ask. Please, add your comments to this blog post and in those comments suggest VERY SPECIFIC topics we can address in the videos. For those of you who are already experienced AX developers, please feel free to suggest topics that would have helped you if you had known about them when you first got started developing in AX.

My team is looking forward to this! Please help us make it a success.


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