Adding RSS Feeds in IE9

Back in IE8 we were very used to seeing an RSS icon.




In IE9 this has become a little less obvious. The RSS icon is not visible by default.



OPTION 1 Using the Tools Menu using a Hot Key

This is also not obvious, but it is the fastest way and doesn’t interfere with default UI layout options of IE9.

Press Alt-T. this will bring up the Tools menu. Now select Feed Discovery and you can find your RSS or ATOM links.



OPTION 2 Enable the Command Bar

The visual style of IE8 and IE9 never made this obvious, but the RSS icon and its sibling icons were all residents of the “Command Bar”. The Command Bar is simply hidden by default in IE9, so our second option is to

Right click on the Tools icon. (Actually you can right click on any of the icons and in several other locations, but this is easy to remember)


The context menu will appear and then simply enable the Command bar.



And now you’ll see the RSS icon again.


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