Is there an interest in basic AX X++ programming Screencasts?

The AX BI team has received a lot of feedback on the AX SSRS screencasts, and we’ve had a couple of requests to expand the coverage beyond SSRS. Specifically, there appears to be some interest for screencasts focused on getting non-AX developers ramped up into using AX and the X++ language. If you think this…


Need to Document your Keyboard Shortcuts? This Visio template may help.

I needed to document some shortcut keys recently and naturally turned to Visio. Below you can download a Visio drawing file from my SkyDrive that you can use in documenting shortcut keys for your own purposes. URL to VSD File:


Pragmatic Bug Modeling or When will all the bugs be fixed?

I will share a straightforward method to help development teams understand and communicate their ability to address the bugs in their areas. Not all product teams in Microsoft use a method such as the one I will describe below, but many do and there is much to be learned from this exercise. The advantage benefits…


There’s a new Open Source Reporting Engine in town: MonoReports

  Writing a new reporting engine is challenging that will work for people in real-world situations. As I’ve learned over the last three years – the problems aren’t just about having a cool designer and rendering data into tables or charts. (Trust me on this one. One day I’ll explain all the other components that…


More AX SSRS Screencasts and Instructions on Getting an AX Enum into a Report

  We are up to 25 screencasts as of last night. You can find the full list here: In particular I want to call attention to Screencast 25: Getting the Values of an AX Enum into a Report I’ve pasted the code used to retrieve the Enum data into a DataTable public static System.Data.DataTable…


Lots of new Dynamics AX SSRS Screencasts available

  I’ve been very busy this week working with the engineering team to record a lot of screencasts for Dynamics AX developers trying to learn about SSRS,. The full list of screencasts available – 16 so far – is available here. (and here is a link directly to the youtube channel) We hope the new…