Dynamics AX Business Intelligence: Restarting the Screencast series (and other updates)

My previous set of screencasts was focused on providing a “sandbox” environment to make it easy for AX developers to start exploring SSRS.

I received a lot of useful feedback on the screencasts and the blog posts and it was a great learning experience. And now as the year draws to a close I start the screencast series back up and this time get attention back to using the AX SSRS Reporting tools and not simply the sandbox.

There are some other changes in store that you should know about

Moving from Vimeo to YouTube.

I had been placing my screencasts on my personal Vimeo account, but now they will be hosted on youtube: https://www.youtube.com/user/dynamicsaxbi . The reason for this change is simple: I wanted a stable place for people to find these videos and a location that allows multiple people in our engineering team to submit videos instead of just me.

Starting the Dynamics AX BI Blog

For the same reasons, we have created a specific blog that will focus on Dynamics AX BI on MSDN instead of relying on my personal blog. So, in the future you’ll see more posts arrive in the new blog location instead of here.

Updates to the Screencast series

The first new screencast about using AX and SSRS together has been posted. We are restarting the screencast series from first steps of using AX and SSRS and making the videos focused on smaller and more specific topics. This will make it easier to produce the content you need and we hope easier for you to find the exact screencasts that address your problems.

Embedded video below (also appears on our new Dynamics AX BI Blog)

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