Roaming Local Package Sources with NuGet and Windows Live Mesh


I am very excited that we have a “blessed” package management story with NuGet. And this week I found a cool thing you can do with it and Windows Live Mesh (formerly Windows Live Sync).


As Phil Haack describes in this post NuGet supports package sources (what some call “repositories” or “feeds”) that are hosted in at some http:// URL or simply a folder on a local drive or file share.

The hosted feed is great if you want to publically share packages, but what if you simply need to have your custom set of packages available on all your machines – especially if those machines are not always in the same network? To illustrate this scenario imagine I want my special FOOBAR package available on on my dev boxes at home, at work, and roaming.


The solution is simple: Use Windows Live Mesh!

In my existing windows live mesh folder I simply created a folder called “nuget-feed” somewhere in my live-mesh file synchronization path and copied my private packages there along with the NuGet.exe (you can get this command line tool from here)


Of course now Windows Live Mesh is now synchronizing this folder across all my machines.

So, to use this package I open the Package Manger console and change the settings to add this new location. Note: This has to be done on each machine, of course.



And after adding, it I can select it and find and install any of the packages from my private feed across all my machines. that are synchronized my Live Mesh.



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