Dynamics AX 2009: Business Intelligence – How Data Flows into AX SSRS Reports and Excel

In Dynamics AX 2009, there are many ways to get access to BI data. In fact there are so many paths and options that it is difficult to keep the entire story straight even for people working on the AX team.

To help people understand get a grasp of what is happening, I recently put together the simple diagram below. I hope you’ll find useful in planning your AX 2009 deployments.


PDF file: http://cid-19ec39cb500669d8.skydrive.live.com/self.aspx/Public/Dynamics/Dynamics-AX-2009-Business-Intelligence-Reporting-Data-Access-in-AX2009.pdf


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  1. Shuh Jian says:

    The PDF removed, any other way can download?

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