Visio/IronPython/Powershell – How to draw nice diagrams from the command line

The sample code for this has moved to:

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    1. Daniel says:

      Is there a way to reverse engineer a set of tables as a .vsd and if possible the relationships between the tables via command line ?

    2. Hi Saveen,

      Does Visio automation support reverse engineering a set of tables and saving that file as jpg or png ?

      I am thinking of automated creation of ERD every time the schema changes.



    3. Saveen Reddy says:

      @eeidfn1 – VisioAutomation doesn't have any features for reverse engineering.

      This question on StackOverflow may be helpful though:…/automating-reverse-engineer-database-model-with-visio

    4. peter says:

      thank you for your post

      I would like to know where to "Find the VisioInteractive project and launch either the Python or Powershell interactive session with the appropriate CMD file."

    5. pooluut says:

      in the second step, I can't find the directory. where is it?

    6. peter says:

      Hi, I can't find the directory in the 2nd step