Screencast: Using GraphViz on Windows to Draw Nice-Looking Graphs

We’ve all had that experience: a bunch of directed graphs in our heads that we’ve been thinking about rendering. However lacking in the time and expertise to do so, unrendered they remain. However, If you’ve got a little patience watch this screencast I recently made. It walks you through using ATT’s GraphViz tool to draw…


Screencast: Using the ReportViewer control with an object data source

Was recently playing around with the ReportViewer control and wanted to share what I learned about using it in a WinForm app to show data with an object data source. I recording this screencast showing a step-by-step and end-to-end scenario of building such an application. Link to video:  


Edge Rendering Improvement in Visio 2010

Visio 2010 has dramatically improved shape edge rendering compared to Visio 2007. Visio 2007 Solid Fill with and edge and without an edge -> Looks fine     Visio 2007 Gradient Fill with and edge and without an edge – > Looks fine with an edge, heavy aliasing when there is no edge      Visio 2010 completely…


Simplifying enumeration of Office object model collections with Linq and Extension methods

I found an interesting post on Deborah’s Developer MindScape  (via Greg’s blog )and wanted to share a modification of the technique that can simplify the use of Office object models in C# and VB. I use this heavily in my VisioAutomation library.   First, let’s look at the the Deborah’s original solution : var query…


A Walkthrough of Dynamically Compiling C# code

One of my side-projects requires me to build some of my own tools. In this case: a code generation tool. In a future post, I’ll describe the tool and provide its source, but for now I did want to share some of what I discovered on the way. First, the tool I am building essentially…