TIP: Extract Audio from FLV files and save it to an MP3 file using FFmpeg

Sharing a small tip … I recently needed a lightweight tool to extract the audio components from an FLV file and save it as an MP3 file. After some searching I found that you can use FFmpeg to easily extract the audio.

C:\> ffmpeg.exe -i <input.flv><output.mp3>

For example

C:\> ffmpeg.exe -i “D:\my video.flv” “D:\my video.mp3”

NOTE: please make sure you don’t leave out the “-i” to specify the input file. If you do leave it out, you may end up overwriting your original FLV file with an empty file.


Where to get FFmpeg

This is the hardest part. You have three choices:

  • Go to the FFmpeg website (http://ffmpeg.org/) and download the source code and compile it (and it doesn’t compile with Visual Studio)
  • Find a pre-compiled binary of FFmpeg (this is what I did). As always, exercise  caution and only download software from known third parties that you trust. I downloaded it from this location: http://oss.netfarm.it/mplayer-win32.php

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