Did your CD/DVD drive disappear in Windows Vista? Try checking this KB Artitcle.

I rarely use my CD/DVD drive so I didn’t spot this problem for several months. My CD/DVD drive which had previously been working fine in Vista suddenly no longer showed up in “My Computer”. I tried new CD/DVD drive, but it also didn’t work. Eventually I found this KB article which solved my problem: http://support.microsoft.com/kb/314060

If you’ve had a similar experience please do read the KB article and try it first. It may save you a lot of frustration.

Although I am not certain what started the problem, deleting the “UpperFilters” registry key (see the KB article for more details) fixed everything.

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  1. Jeff says:

    Simpler and usually working method:

    1. right-click on Computer icon on desktop or in Start Menu-> Computer link

    2. select Manage

    3. select: System Tools-> Device Manager

    4. right-click on any element on the list, preferably: DVD/CD-ROM Drives

    5. click on "scan for hardware changes"

    Unless your drive is damaged, or there is some serious software problem, Vista will re-scan hardware and "find" lost DVD drive

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