Dynamics AX 2009: Incorrectly “Bolded" or “Dark” text in Charts shown in Reports and Role Centers

How to solve an odd behavior you may experience with AX where may look “bolded” or too dark to read.

Here is the CEO Role Center



In this example we will focus on on the Deliver Statistic web part. In the screenshot below you’ll see that the text in the labels on the chart displays correctly.



Keep in mind that the charts you see in the Role Centers are created by SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS).

Below is an example of a problem you might experience sometimes when viewing charts in AX 2009 in Role Centers or in SSRS reports…


The text is hard to read. It may look “bolded” or “thick” or “too dark”.

What is going on?

What is happening here is due to an interaction with SQL Server Reporting Services and the windows font smoothing setting on the server that SSRS is running on.

To correct this problem disable font smoothing (or keep it enabled but use “Standard” instead of “ClearType”) on the server and the charts will be rendered correctly.


  • It doesn’t affect every SSRS chart
  • This may be fixed in SQL 2008 – I haven’t tried yet
  • The behavior has nothing to do with Dynamics AX it is all related to the interaction of SSRS with the Windows OS font smoothing setting
  • You may have to restart the AX client to see the effect of changing the setting

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