Visio Helper Add-in: Updates – Fill Designer improvements, Copy/Paste Size, Snap Size, Snap Position, Duplicate Page, etc.

Quick summary

  • New updates available to the  VisioAutoExt library

  • Gradient Helper renamed to Fill Designer

  • Fill Designer is a now a non-modal anchor window

  • Can copy the size of one shape and paste that size into another shape

  • Can snap shape sized (hard-coded to 0.25 inches)

  • Can snap the position (lower left corner) of a shape to the nearest 0.25 coordinate

  • Close all documents without saving

  • Duplicate a page

  • Still no setup available – use VS2008 to build and run the add-in


  • Have something that you often do in Visio? let me know and I’ll see if it makes sense to incorporate as part of this add-in

Demo Video

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