Visio Export To Xaml: Now with an Installer

I added an installer program for VisioExportToXaml so that you can just try the export without being forced to compiling the source. I also made some minor UI changes.

How to Install

  • Remove any previous versions of VisioExportToXaml

  • Make sure you’ve installed Visio 2007.

  • Download the ZIP for the installer from the VisioExportToXAML codeplex project and extract to a folder

  • Then run the Setup.EXE.

  • If needed .NET Framework 3.5 and VSTO 3.0,  will be downloaded and installed.

  • Once the install is finished verify that it is enabled in Visio…

  • In Visio, navigate to Tools / Trust Center


  • Click Add-Ins

  • Verify that Manage is set to “COM Add-ins”

  • Click Go


  • Check VisioExportToXAML if it is not already checked (In the screenshot below you’ll see that the reason that there was a failure loading the add in … something I’ve seen with Windows XP but not with Vista)


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