A Preview of Embedding IronPython into Visio 2007

Screenshot below should make it clear that it’s possible to add an embedded IronPython commandline into Visio 2007.



The script in the window is here:

c = Isotope.Color.RGBColor( 1, 0.7, 0.3 )
print c.ToSystemDrawingColor()
shape = visio.ActivePage.DrawRectangle( 0,0, 2, 2)
AutoVisio.VisioLib.SetFillColor( shape, c.ToSystemDrawingColor() )

The output is the orange square.

This is stage 1 in my side project of providing a NodeBox-like experience to Visio.

I’ll post the source once the overall user experience is better. (It turns out a multi-line TextBox is not he best IDE experience.)

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