Problems with Wacom tablet on Vista (and a workaround)

[Update on 2007-05-21]  Wacom has an official driver now that works for me and does not require the workaround.

See this blog entry for details:



After running Vista RTM bits on a clean machine, I installed my Wacom tablet and the most recent drivers for Vista.


The good

new Tablet PC features were available after install. These include pen flicks, handwriting recognition.


The bad

Using the tablet for dragging, selecting, resizing, etc. in graphics applications introduced wierd delays that made it very awkward to use with Visio, Photoshop, Audacity, etc.


A workaround

The temporary solution that I found on a WACOM web forum was to install a very specific version of the driver (not the latest one as of Jan 9 2007).

After installing my tablet worked perfectly (exactly as it did under Windows XP). However, I no longer had the Tablet PC features like Pen Flicks, etc.


Location of driver:

Note that some users have also found other older versions that do not exhibit the problem.


Discussion of this on the WACOM web forum:


Step-by-Step Installation instructions (use at your own risk, this is not a final, released driver from WACOM)

  • Uninstall the existing Wacom driver and reboot if needed

  • goto

  • Download the driver called “Driver 4.98-2 (Beta) for Windows Vista RC1” this file is called “WacomTablet_498-2.exe”

  • Right-click on the “WacomTablet_498-2.exe” file select properties and the Properties Window will launch

  • Select the Compatibility tab

  • Under Run this program in copatibility mode sekect “Windows XP (Service pak 2)”

  • Click OK and the Properties window will close

  • Richt-click “WacomTablet_498-2.exe” file and select Run as Administrator

  • A dialog will launch sayinf the publisheg could not be verified. Select Yes

  • The UAC dialog will launch; click Allow

  • The Wacom extractor launches

  • Click Setup

  • Accept the the license agreement

  • The setup will finally say the pen tablet driver was successfully installed.

  • Click OK

  • You may have to reboot 

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