The first podcast for Forefront Client Security is available

UPDATE: 2006-11-28

The podcast no longer appears on the site. I think a new one will be prepared soon. I’ll make a new post when it appears.


This podcast is a high-level discussion of FCS (the official abbreviation for Forefront Client Security). In the future, I hope we get a chance to get deep into the product. Also, I want you to hear from the other fascinating characters on this team.

You can listen to the podcast by going to this page and clicking the middle button at the top that says “Step 2: Hear from the Team”


Recording notes

  • The entire thing was recorded in my office with Dave, Brendan, & Anthony doing the talking and I handled the recording.

  • The recording equipment consisted of the micrphone on my laptop (Toshiba Tecra M3)

  • I did all the post-processing with Audacity on that laptop same laptop

  • Given that noisy environment and available hardware, I’m surprised how well it sounds, but I hope to do much better next time.


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